The Serial Dater


Hey Bloggers & Readers!

Soooo I havent posted in forever (I know, I suck). J-school has really gotten a hold of me I have no more time for leisure. What does that word even mean?

Anyway, I thought I’d make a quick post about serial daters. I randomly thought about the idea the other day when I saw one serial dater I know had yet ANOTHER girlfriend. I thought to myself, these guys have got to be the most annoying people on earth. Here’s how they play the game…

They’ll date the first single girl they meet thats half decent looking by wooing them with charm and lots and lots of texts. When they eventually start dating, they also start a whole new circle of friends. You see, most serial daters have no friends whatsoever. Thats why they latch onto their victims. To gain friends, a family, and obviously a girlfriend to pass time with.

Serial daters always rush relationships. They’ll tell you their in love with you, make you hear what every girl wants to hear. When shit goes down the drain, their back on their own again like lone wolves.

What do they do after that?

They move on QUICKLY. Usually, theyll contact their exes, change their facebook status right away and open every chat messenger on every site. It like fishing for them. When you run out of trout, you go look for more trout.

My advice?

Check their history. If they’ve had a list of people they’ve date…FLUSH. Also, check their circle of friends. If there’s no sign…FLUSH. Dont fall in their trap, or rather their fishing rod.

& to all serial daters out there (you know who you are), as the italian expression goes: “MAH GHET OUTTA HERE!”

Thats all folks,


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