How to Survive the Dramatic Breakup.

stock-vector-cartoon-girl-and-a-boy-boxing-breakup-concept-vector-illustration-84048103We all go through it, make-ups, breakups, and all the in between. The most important part, however, is how to deal when what we once thought was love…turns out to be a complete nightmare.

Breakups come in all different levels of aftermath drama and time spans of actually getting over them. Usually when a breakup is mutual, both parties walk away with a drama free aftermath and a new willingness to search for another romantic love interest. Then there’s the one-sided breakup where, unfortunately, one individual gets hurt the most and is left having trouble closing that chapter in their lives. The DRAMATIC breakup, however, is a whole other story.

Going through a dramatic breakup is probably the worst breakup you’ll ever have to go through. Basically, a dramatic breakup is when one person walks away from the relationship for a very valid reason, (anything including cheating, broken promises, differences, etc..) and is when the other person being broken up with goes completely ape shit on them by suddenly blaming the failed relationship on the person walking away. It also involves that person very publicly talking shit about their ex lover and basically just shooting out a whole lot of bullshit to try and make themselves look like the innocent party.

First thing I’ve learned is that talking shit about someone who once was a big part of your life and with whom you chose to be associated with is a huge mistake. Talking shit in general, is quite frankly for idiots. Truth is, nobody is perfect, nobody always makes the best decisions, no-one is ever always on their best behavior…and that is exactly why no-one has the right to talk shit about anyone else unless their flawless themselves (which does not exist). As much as all of us are guilty of running our mouths sometimes, we need to look at ourselves first and ask ourselves does talking shit about someone else make you any better of a person than them? The answer is no.

You see, the best way to deal with a dramatic breakup is through silence and forgiving ignorance. If the person walks away bitter about the fact that you broke their heart and chooses to ignore the mistakes they made for the relationship to get to its breaking point, then as long as you’ve explained why you left, let it be. Most of the time the person creating all the drama does so for attention and to make themselves look like the victim; so don’t give in to their game.

As much as its hard to not confront the person while they go off telling lies and defaming your character to others, its important to remain the bigger person. Truth is, as long asĀ you know the truth, nothing else should matter. The people who matter to you will know that you aren’t any of the bad things an ex lover might be saying about you to make you look bad. If you do play the role of the bigger person you’ll be happy you did and you’ll also have an easier time closing that chapter in your life. If you give in to the drama, not only will you regret it later, but you’ll also have a harder time finally getting over the breakup completely.

So remember, the key to surviving a dramatic breakup is self-control, class, and as hard as it might be…keeping your own mouth zipped!

xoxo, S.

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