Want Flawless Skin? Edith Serei makes it Easy!

Everyone can agree that we all strive to have beautiful, flawless skin without any signs of dehydration, oil, or stubborn problem areas. However, some of us are still clueless about which products work best for us. This is why it is so important for us to be informed about not only what type of skin we have, but also which products can help us achieve that perfect skin we so desperately want.

Edith Serei has given me the amazing opportunity to test out their new line of professional skin products due to be launched in September of 2012. These products include a cleansing milk, a toner, a serum, and a plankton mask all accustomed to my skin type. Unfortunately, my skin tends to be very dry which is why its so important for it to always be well moisturized and stimulated. Edith Serei’s dry skin product line are all based on extracts of sea plankton, which are an important source of oligo-elements and amino acids well known for their effects on cellular metabolism.

It is important to note that the first step in achieving healthy looking skin is to cleanse it of all its impurities. The environment around us as well as any makeup products we use can easily contribute to problem areas on our skin if they are not properly cleansed and rid of at the end of the day. This is why Edith Serei’s cleansing milk containing Vitamin E and Allantoin is a great way to free the skin of all impurities and traces of makeup. The cleanser, specifically for dry skin, comes in a pink and white 500mL bottle and lists all of its ingredients on its reverse side. The product also has a white, creamy texture to it that has a lavender-like, neutral smell to it. The cleanser is designed to be applied generously on the face and neck through a cotton pad or clean sponge and then thoroughly rinsed off to ensure proper cleansing of the skin. The cleanser leaves your skin feeling super clean and refreshed.

Another important step in maintaining healthy looking skin is using a good toner that will prepare the skin to absorb any moisture found in revitalizing products and facial masks. Edith Serei’s blue lotion/toner also comes in a 500mL pink and white bottle for dry skin and lists all its ingredients at the back of the bottle. It is ideally applied all over the face before moisturizing and can also be applied on eyes contour with a cotton pad for 20 minutes to help with dark circles and calm tired, puffy eyes on those stressful days we all have from time to time! The toner has a similar smell to that of the cleansing milk and is released as a blue liquidly substance. It initially leaves your skin looking super shiny and is eventually absorbed into the pores once completely dry, leaving the skin soft and smooth to touch.

Another great product from Edith Serei’s new skin care products is its revitalizing serum containing extracts of oceanic plankton and Indian chestnut which maintains hydration and stimulates cell regeneration. The serum comes in a 30mL bottle and is released through a tiny pump in the form of a transparent yellow liquid designed to be applied all over the face after cleansing. Much like the blue lotion, it also gives the face a shiny appearance while having a light natural smell to it.

My favourite product out of all these exciting new products is Edith Serei’s clay plankton mask containing Kaolin, Leathin, and liquid collagen which helps restore moisture balance to the skin, enabling the skin to maintain natural flexibility and softness. The mask comes in a 125 gram container and includes all of its contents listed at the back of the container. The product is very smooth and creamy to touch with a light green colour to it. It also smells, for lack of a better comparison, like the ocean which is a very pleasant smell for those of us who haven’t been on vacation in a while! The great part about this mask is the fun that goes with applying it all over the face and sitting back, relaxing while the product does all the work for your skin! It is a great product to use to restore you skins natural moisture and softness, leaving your skin  feeling completely rejuvenated.

For more information on all of Edith Serei’s products visit https://www.edithserei.com. Also, for all you facebook users, be sure to like the Edith Serei Academie page for constant beauty updates.

& Remember, skin care is key to looking fabulous!

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4 thoughts on “Want Flawless Skin? Edith Serei makes it Easy!

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